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Aura Cleansing

In esoteric psychology and many magical systems including Wicca, aura cleansing is a way to heal yourself. An aura can be thought of as a layer of energy that surrounds all living things. Although we can’t see our own or others’ auras with our naked eyes (we would need an instrument for that), many believe that people with special psychic abilities such as mediums or psychics can sense them. Besides being seen by psychics, you can also feel your own aura through various methods such as visualizing it surrounding you like an egg-shaped bubble in front of your body while holding your hands up and slowly moving them around you.

Aura cleansing is an effective way to align your energy centers with your intentions. Most people feel lighter after a session. Sometimes they fall asleep or have vivid dreams due to heightened relaxation and release of blockages during their session. When they wake up, they often feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever comes their way in life. Clients often report a feeling of empowerment after an aura cleansing session as well as increased confidence that helps them handle situations more effectively both at work and home. Some clients experience heightened creativity and intuition after their session, but many also notice decreased emotional reactivity or sensitivity to stress.

Per Session $20

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